Model of Inclusion

I wouldn't be an MBA unless I could say it in a Venn diagram. After years of work and research on organizational change, social justice, and leadership, I offer this model as a roadmap of work we could do together. We would assess what already exists internally, what can be developed and what is missing. This Model of Inclusion deeply values the human aspects of this work and also seeks to change the systems, develop processes, and advance skills for success.

Workforce Live!

Consider this video an Inclusion takeaway (you can see the whole talk here) and you should feel free to share it with you friends and colleagues. This video is from Workforce Live -- a speaker series for human resource professionals providing thought leadership, practical tips, inspiring stories and industry specific research. I was honored to talk about LGBT Inclusion for this group of change-makers. Maybe I could come give a talk like this at your workplace?

Harvard Medical School

I joined Harvard Medical School in August 2014 to establish and lead the first-ever LGBT Office. I am responsible for deepening LGBT inclusion and creating a welcoming community for LGBT students, staff, faculty, trainees, and fellows at Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Dental Medicine. I develop programming and resources about LGBT issues and collaborate with a wide range of offices within Harvard University, the 17 Harvard affiliated hospitals, and the broader community.